InSlide Lockdown is a cost-effective solution

for reducing the time and dangers of locking a door with a key during emergency lockdowns.

It is manufactured in the U.S for quality and commitment. We at InSlide Lockdown work closely with our engineers and manufacturing team to create only the best.

InSlide Lockdown is made to last from 1018 cold rolled steel 18 ga and 16 ga (Rohs compliant) The process is Laser cutting for the blanking. The finish is a Zinc Chromate (Rohs compliant)

Why InSlide Lockdown?

As a teacher, one of the most dangerous situations is not being able to lockdown a classroom with a room full of children. There is a real problem due to the fact that children and staff move throughout a building all day long. With InSlide, any door that is equipped with the device can be locked without searching for a key. Even one door can make a difference in an emergency! InSlide Lockdown adds a layer of protection that saves precious time!

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